BUG Gymnastics started as two separate clubs more than 10 years ago. In 2005 these two clubs, BULT Gymnastics Club (the boys club) and Universiteit Gymnastics Club (the girls club), merged and became BUG Gymnastics (BUGGymnastics) in short BUG.

We are affiliated with the South African Gymnastics Federation (SAGF) and participate in competitions on club, provincial and national level.

Currently we have about 125 artistic gymnasts, aged between 4 and 18 years. We also have a nursery school programme which we present at various Potchefstroom nursery schools, where we focus on development and talent identification for gymnastics training.

Our coaches are all qualified and affiliated with the SAGF, and most of them are qualified judges in their respective disciplines too. Most of the coaches did gymnastics or are still competing as senior gymnasts.

Prof. Dorita du Toit and Eldi Cloete are the managers of the club and they were both coaches at the Universiteits Gymnastics Club from 2005 and participated in the merging of the two clubs that was coordinated by Sonja Winde.

BUG Gymnastics is a non-profit club and are based on the grounds of the North West university (NWU) in Potchefstroom and with the help of brilliant student and permanent coaches we deliverer top class gymnasts. We are not a High Performance club, but we work hand in hand with the club in Klerksdorp (School for Cymnastics) if a gymnasts needs more high performance training.